Brewing At Home

Getting Started

No matter where you are in your coffee journey, there is always time to reflect on the basics of proper coffee preparation when brewing at home.  We hope to provide a solid foundation to jump-start your coffee journey.  If you are using an automatic-drip brewing device that will not heat your water above 195 degrees F (almost ALL do not – very few actually do get hot enough), then it’s time to step it up to make that amazing cup of coffee at home.  You can get a Beehouse Dripper for $18, which has the power (and probably costs less that your auto-drip too!).  With that in mind all of these brewing recipes will not involve espresso brewing or preparation in any way, we will give that particular method its own, well-deserved section.

We will begin by looking at the hardware (equipment) needed to brew an amazing cup of coffee.  I have listed these in order of importance in accordance with my experiences in the coffee industry:

Burr Grinder
Clean Brewing Device (Beehouse, Chemex, Press Pot, etc.) with proper filters
Proper Pouring Vessel (with narrow spout to control pouring speed/amount)
Timer (or a watch, or cell phone)

You may be asking, “Do I really NEED a _________(insert device here)?” Of course the answer is no, but we are trying to create an amazing cup of coffee at home – so yes, come get yourself a fancy burr grinder at our shop in downtown Exeter for as little as $46!  We would love to see you and chat about coffee!

Next!  Onto the software (everything else) needed to brew an amazing cup of coffee.  Again, listed in order of importance (even though I think they’re all important!)

Freshly Ground (immediately before brewing) and Roasted (less than 2 weeks old) Coffee
Filtered Water 195-205 degrees F.

That’s it!  When it comes down to it just coffee and water are the only ingredients (sometimes love sneaks its way in there).


PS – Keep in mind all recipes can be adjusted to brew more or less coffee if desired, just adjust your coffee to water ratio using the basis of 60g ground coffee to 1L (1000g) water.  For example you can use 30g coffee and 500g water, 15g coffee and 250g water, etc.