Beehouse Dripper

If you haven’t read the brewing at home overview, I suggest you do!  If you have a scale, brewing your coffee will become exponentially more consistent and delicious.  Now lets brew some amazing coffee – here’s our recipe:

  • 22g freshly roasted coffee (ground immediately before brewing at a hair more fine than an auto-drip)
  • 350g (about 13 oz) filtered water – only around 315g (about 11.5 oz) of coffee will emerge – the rest is absorbed in the grounds
  • Brew Time: 2:30-3:30

Set-Up – Fold your #4 filter along the bottom seam, then along the side seam and slide it into your dripper and then onto your mug/cup or carafe.  Rinse the filter with hot water and discard.  Pour ground coffee into filter and place on a scale.  Zero (or “tare”) the scale.  We are ready to begin.

  1. Start your timer! – Add just enough water (195-205 F) to wet the grounds (around 30g should do the trick) – let bloom for 30 seconds.
  2. Begin extraction – slowly add water to the wet grounds in a circular motion moving from the center, to the outside, and back to the center without touching the edge of the filter.
  3. After letting some water drain through,  repeat step 2 as necessary, until your scale reads 350g.
  4. Let water drain fully – As the last drops trickle through your timer should ready anywhere from 2:45-3:45.